Convention 2009 Final Day

Well today was the last day. Geneva and I made some wonderful friends these past few days and received some WOW! swap cards. Geneva brought 50 card fronts to swap and I brought a total of 110 card fronts (those 2 designs - see post earlier this week).

We met these two lovely ladies from New Hampshire on Wednesday evening. Because there are SO many demos here, total strangers were sharing tables at the restaurants. Of course, if you are a stamper, you are NEVER a stranger! :)

AND with Dawn and Shannon's help (our new friends), we sat 3 rows from the stage yesterday and 6 rows from the stage today! Here's a picture of us (left to right is Dawn, Shannon, Geneva, and me - also Dawn!). Yup - this is the same stage that Shelli was on too!

Looking forward to coming home tomorrow. My flight is oversold according to the airline's website, so... let's hope I arrive home tomorrow! :) Geneva and I are on separate flights tomorrow.

Can't wait to share all the news with you this month!


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